Thank you for visiting the site. My name is David Boyd and I am a software consultant. I'm extremely passionate about technology and particularly obsessed with Microsoft. In 2000, I started developing with VB6 and classic ASP. Soon after, I eagerly started working with .NET when it was in beta and completely moved over once .NET 1.0 was released. It was a little difficult to leave VB but I fell in love with C#; VB.NET and I still keep in touch.


I have become proficient in many other non-programming languages such as  HTML, JavaScript and SQL to name a few. I have seen so many improvements and advances in technology as a whole since the turn of the millennium; the progress just in the software Industry is almost unbelievable. Some of my favorite innovations I have experienced in my time writing code:

  • Web controls and the master page in ASP.NET 2.0 it was really cool then
  • Free Code Repositories such as Codeproject, codeplex, github and  google code
  • Version Control I used Visual Source Safe at the beginning but now with Github and Team Foundation its hard to image dealing with that again
  • Linq who needs foreach loops to look for data
  • ORMs it saves so much time not writing sql and I'm happy not to have to deal with stored procedures anymore
  • JQuery unbelievably simplifys JavaScript and almost making it fun
  • Stack Overflow revolutionized finding answers on the internet
  • JSON now but even XML was amazing when moving data and objects around on the web
  • MVC the way ASP.NET would have been done in the first place if winform developers didn't need to be transitioned to webforms
  • Agile Project Life Cycle I'm a big fan of the iterative approach
  • Continuous Integration One button deployment, enough said
  • Bootstrap too much good things to say about this but I never create a site without it.


I have worked on many different projects but most of my work has been with web based solutions. These web solutions usually consist of any combination of MVC, webforms, web services, CMSs (Sharepoint, DNN (DotNetNuke), and Orchard), AJAX, bootstrap and LESS. Projects that I have completed that weren't web based involved windows services, winforms, WPF applications, Windows 8 apps and of course the console application.


When I'm not snowboarding, at the beach or hanging out with the friends and family, I enjoy listing to podcast and going to user groups or other software developer events like code camps or launch events and most of all, playing with new technology. I constantly have projects that I think would be fun circling around in my head. Some top projects I would like to do in my free time would be:

  • .NET Micro framework netduino based device
  • Universal Windows App
  • Stock and Option Markets analyzer
  • Fully dedicated time elapse recorder device
  • This site


While these projects excite me they have to be worked on in my free time, which is not abundant. I hope to showcase my work on this site when I have the time to work on them and post them. In the mean time you can find me on linkedin. Click here to view my linkedin Profile